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5 Things To Remember While Choosing The Best Bike Loan


Getting a loan to finance a bike is a great option for those looking to get a dream bike. Individuals now have the flexibility of obtaining affordable loans without stepping outside of their homes. Yes, today it is possible to get a bike in a simple online process without visiting the loan providers branch.

But, before you step out to get the best bike loan, it is important to remember some key points to ensure you choose the right loan. Five of these are shared below to make the experience a great one. 

1. Understand the Bike Loan Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a bike loan can vary across lenders. Understanding if you fall within the desired criteria before starting the loan process is essential. 

2. Opt for the Best Interest Rates Only

While various lenders offer attractive schemes, applicants must opt for the best interest rates. A thorough study of the different interest rates can help understand the loan terms before committing to a loan.

3. Understand your EMIs

Before taking a loan, it is critical to understand the monthly EMIs. A non-payment or delay in paying the EMIs can affect the credit score and hamper future loan and debt credibility. Therefore, planning finances and paying the associated EMIs is essential. Applicants can use the two wheeler loan EMI calculator to compute monthly instalments and plan their finances accordingly. It is also beneficial for maintaining a good credit score.

4. Go for the Optimum Loan Amount

Applicants must look for the maximum loan amount available to make them eligible for 80% or more of the net amount they need to purchase a bike. 

5. Bike loan procedure

Individuals no longer have to visit the lender’s branch to apply for a loan. Lending institutions follow a smooth and hassle-free process requiring simple documentation and a few steps. In addition, before applying for a loan, applicants must know the foreclosure charges. It is necessary to avoid any additional or penalty charges in case of loan prepayment.

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That’s not all. In addition to the above, applicants must adhere to the following steps to be eligible to get a loan for purchasing a bike.

  • Choosing the appropriate loan tenure

A longer loan tenure implies lower EMIs. Always use a loan calculator to judge the loan amount and tenure best suited to your requirement. .

  • Maintain your CIBIL score

Maintaining your CIBIL score increases the chances of loan application approval. Additionally, you are more likely to get better interest rates and other attractive offers. It can also help manage debts and outstanding dues to maintain a high credit score.

  • Income source

A higher income source boosts the chances of a loan application getting approved. A more significant income implies better repaying capacity.


Understanding the constituents of a good bike loan enables individuals to make the most suitable selection. It is also critical to maintaining eligibility and creditworthiness so that individuals do not have trouble seeking additional finances in times of need.

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