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How Does A Forensic Accountant Help Solve Financial Crimes


Fraud and financial crimes are a global phenomenon. They run across the human race regardless of social, economic status or their religion. These financial crimes include bribery, looting, embezzlement, money laundering, and tax evasion. Only qualified professionals such as forensic accountants can resolve such cases as they are trained to handle such complicated investigations.

So, how do they help solve these crimes?

What is a Forensic Accountant?

A forensic accountant is a professional highly skilled in auditing, accounting and undertaking investigations. Their main role is investigating fraud or financial manipulation in businesses or individuals. They analyze data to find where the money has gone missing and how to regain possession. These professionals are often used in court to offer a professional opinion on financial matters. These accountants work in insurance companies, risk consulting companies, public accounting firms and law enforcement.

How do Forensic Accountants Help Solve Crimes?

As mentioned, Forensic accountants in Australia play a vital role in investigating and solving financial crimes. They use their auditing and accounting skills to investigate financial data and transactions to uncover irregularities and discrepancies. Doing this enables them to gather evidence used in legal proceedings.

Here are a few ways that these accountants help solve financial crimes:

  • Pinpoint Financial Irregularities

These professionals use their professionalism to study financial records and transactions to identify discrepancies and suspicious activities. Unfortunately, sometimes in organizations, fraud occurs and identifying can be a hassle and lead to business bankruptcy. But hiring these experts makes it easy as they can detect fraudulent activities.

  • Tracing Funds

Loss of funds in different firms and the government is common. They often need auditing to try and locate the funds. Forensic accountants can track money flow to identify the sources of funds and how they are utilized. It will help uncover hidden assets, identify suspicious transactions and establish a clear trail.

  • Quantifying Damages

There are various instances where financial crimes result in losses or damages. When this happens, there’s a need to quantify the losses or damages. These experts will help quantify the amount of financial loss. This acts as evidence to support legal claims in a court of law.

  • Provide Expert Testimony

Fraud crimes are prevalent in all sectors. When it happens, you require expert testimony in legal proceedings to prove fraud or embezzlement. These professionals provide expert testimony by presenting findings and explaining the implications of financial evidence to judges and juries.

  • Collaborates with Law Enforcement

In fraud cases, bribery and embezzlement, law enforcement is involved in investigations. But they work closely with accountants to help provide support and expertise to help bring these criminals to justice. The combination of these two will bring out the best results in putting criminals behind bars.

As mentioned, financial crimes are a global crisis leading to losses of millions. Law enforcement and forensic accountants in Australia work together by investigating to bring these criminals to justice. They help trace and quantify financial abnormalities, trace and offer expert testimony. Financial institutions, governments and insurance companies use these professionals to streamline their activities.

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