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How to Choose the Right Beard Styling Trimmer: A Quick Guide


Visiting the salon every time you want to style your beard may be difficult for you. So, use a trimmer to style your beard at home itself to get a fresh new look. There are numerous trimmers available in the market. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best beard styling trimmer.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Beard Styling Trimmer

Below are some factors that you will need to consider when choosing the right beard styling trimmer:

  • Decide If You Want Wired or Wireless

Both wired as well as wireless styling trimmers have their advantages. You can use wired trimmers for a longer duration due to a continuous power supply. Also, they are more affordable and have a longer shelf life than cordless ones. On the other hand, the cordless ones are usually water-resistant, portable and perfect for trips. However, their efficiency reduces when the battery is running low.

  • Select Between Dry or Wet Trimmers

This happens to be a completely personalised experience based on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, wet trimming is the best option. However, if you do not have any such skin conditions and want to go for hassle-free trimming, select dry trimmers. However, you can also select trimmers that are well-suited for both wet and dry trimming to keep both options open.

  • Check the Runtime and Charging Time

Runtime is an important factor to consider if you have fixated on buying a cordless trimmer. Make sure that the battery capacity of the trimmers allows you to use it continuously for an hour or more. This is essential as it takes time to shape your beard and achieve the desired look. Moreover, you should also check the charging time and ensure that it can charge fully as quickly as possible. 

  • Check the Length Options Available

Consider the length of your beard and the styling goals that you have set when selecting a trimmer. Usually, trimmers with small combs give a finer finish ensuring a clean-shaven look. However, if you are looking for a fuller look, go for large comb attachments. You can also select a trimmer that comes with multiple length settings and comb options to customise your look with a single device. 

  • Go for Branded Trimmers Only

Purchasing trimmers from reputed brands ensures that you do not compromise on build quality. They work just fine making sure that you do not have to face any hassle when styling your beard. Furthermore, they also come with a warranty so you can easily replace it if it stops functioning properly. For the finest results, you can select feather blades that top the sharpness scales and allow you to seamlessly style your beard.

  • Find Out the Cost of Beard Trimmer

Before beginning your search for a beard trimmer, determine your budget. Accordingly, set a filter to shortlist the trimmers that fall within your preferred price range. Make sure to compare the options thoroughly that appear after adding the filter. This technique will ease your task of finding the best quality trimmer that falls within your budget.

  • Check Additional Features of Trimmer

There are several trimmers available in the market that come with unique features like display, memory function or exhaust systems. A display will help you know about the selected length as well as the battery percentage. The memory function in the beard trimmer remembers your favourite length so that you do not have to set it every time. Also, the exhaust system is extremely useful if you have heavy beard growth. 

There are some simple steps that you need to follow for using these trimmers to maintain your beard. 

Steps to Use Beard Trimmers to Maintain Your Beard and Trimmer

Below are some simple pointers that you need to follow to maintain your beard and trimmer:

  • Charge your trimmer: Charge your trimmer before using it so that you do not get interrupted when styling it.
  • Select the right blade: Select the right length and sharpness of the blade that you would need.
  • Choose the right style: Determine the right beard style based on your face shape and the latest trends and start trimming.
  • Clean the trimmer: Once you complete trimming your beard, properly clean and store it.

Selecting the best beard styling trimmer gives you the freedom to style your beard without any hassles. So, choose a trendy style that perfectly complements your face so that you gather compliments as you go.

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