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Importance of IB Curriculums in Child’s Academics


The International Baccalaureate or IB is one of the most preferred curriculums these days because it takes you beyond the textbook.

The curriculum lets children learn new things from sports, activities, team tasks, and interactions.

There are a handful of good schools that vouch for the IB curriculum. So, considering this for kids will be a good idea without a second thought.

Why should you opt for IB?

The academic standard is on par with the other curriculums, the academic excellence is also keenly monitored, but the approach towards learning new things is different from the usual ‘by-heart’ or ‘rote’ learning process. Children are exposed to peers of other schools as well.

If you are planning to admit  your kids in IB in PYP, it can turn out to be a good thing. Children grasp concepts very quickly when they are young, and they will embrace this holistic approach to learning quite quickly.

A transition from any other educational pattern to IB will be challenging because they won’t know how to look for knowledge beyond books, and the activities might take a toll on them. The sooner – the better.

Children should be able to learn new things beyond the classroom, though, in IB also, the classroom is a very strong part of the overall development.

IB is not just about getting good  grades in academics, but it helps sharpen the ‘saw’ for life. Children are encouraged to develop an optimistic attitude,understand empathy, social responsibility, and put on different hats to tackle situations. Their character-building holds equal weightage as their marks.

A data and statistical approach is used  to tell how they perform in  sports; they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities like performing arts. They are graded and monitored for these, along with academics. So, they don’t miss out on anything.

The mechanical learning involves the usual grind where children are made to sit in lectures every  day, and only a minute portion of the taught essentials properly registers in their mind.

However, when you are learning through activities, the experiences will create a great impression in the minds, keeping the knowledge fresh and always ready to use. Developing a love for such learning at a young age is a huge plus.

So, to answer why should you opt for IB, introducing your child to IB in PYP is a smart move, and you should go ahead with it.

To help you further, here is a small list of the best primary schools in Singapore that have IB Programs –

  • GIIS – Global Indian International School
  • GESS – German European School Singapore
  • The Anglo-Chinese School (ACS)
  • Hillside World Academy

While choosing the IB curriculum, it is extremely important to look at the teaching methodologies adopted by the school.

Look for schools that focus on the overall development of the child, and give them an impetus to excel in academics, sports and other extracurricular activities.

The confidence and knowledge they gain will help children stand ahead of the competition even as adults.

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