Jay is Games we do Online and Mobile Game Reviews

Jay is Games we do Online and Mobile Game Reviews


Jay is Games we do Online and Mobile Game Reviews a variety of genres of flash and mobile games. The site also hosts game design competitions.

The website features four ratings that denote offensive content in the games – a 😀 face, an x rating (similar to other video game ratings), a :S face, and a XP face. Games that are rated :S often feature violence and frequent language.

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Game Reviews

Jay is Games is a website that reviews and features free online and mobile game apps, flash games and download games of wide interest to casual gamers. It began on April 19, 2003, as a personal blog by Jay Bibby and has since grown to include many other writers who review and comment on games, and occasionally do walkthroughs of some games. The site also includes a forum where visitors can discuss the games and share tips on how to play them.

The site has a section for browser games, which is updated on a daily basis, and a mobile phone game section, which is updated weekly. Games are also grouped into categories such as action, arcade, puzzle and platform games. The website is available in English and Japanese.

A notable function of Jay is Games is its rating system, which shows games according to their offensive content. Games are rated 😀 (a green face, meaning that the game has no offensive content at all), :O (a yellow face for games that have minor offensive content, such as simulated violence or occasional swearing), :S (an orange face, which is similar to the ESRB ratings of M for games with a lot of blood and gore and continuous offensive language) and :XP (a red face, which is the highest rating a game can garner, indicating that it contains very graphic and extremely offensive language and constant violence).

From time to time Jay is Games runs contests in which viewers vote on which games are the best in each category. In some cases, a winner is determined by a judging panel. In other cases, the winner is based on the number of votes a game receives.

In addition to the Best of [year] contests, Jay is Games has run several other competitions. These have included a contest where the viewer was asked to name a gameplay theme and a contest where the participant was required to make a challenge using Incredibots 2’s level editor. The winner of the latter received a six month Incredibots supporter membership.

Game Trailers

Jay is Games is a game review website that reviews flash, browser, download and mobile phone games of interest to casual gamers. It is run by Jay Bibby and a few other writers. It is written in a blog format, and often comments from readers are included in the review. Jay is Games was founded on April 19, 2003. Initially it was a personal blog, but has since expanded to include many different authors.

The site covers a variety of game genres, although it has become known for reviewing escape the room, puzzle and platform games. It is a popular destination for game fans who are looking to find new games to play and share with their friends. It also has a large community of commenters, and it is very common for readers to share their own walkthroughs or tips and tricks in the comment threads.

Jay is games also reviews mobile phone, download and freeware games. The download and freeware sections are not as big as the browser games section, but there is still a good amount of games to choose from. The site has several categories that allow people to select their favorite games, including the Best of [year] contests. These contests are usually held around January, and they are split into three or four – sometimes even more – categories. Each category consists of one or two genres.

In addition to reviews, jay is games also hosts a number of game design competitions. These competitions are open to anyone and encourage creativity from the developers who submit entries. They usually have a theme that entrants can interpret in any way they like, and there are often cash prizes available to the winners.

In addition to the site’s regular content, it offers a weekly Link Dump Friday section, where it lists links to games that are either newly released or that have been cancelled. It also has a section that allows visitors to vote for their favorite games in each of the site’s five categories. The top five games in each category are then shown on the front page of the site, and the first place winner receives a prize that is usually some form of game credit.

Game Spotlights

Jay is Games is a game website that reviews a variety of flash and download games. The site also reviews mobile and PC games. It also hosts game design competitions. As of September 2012, the website has conducted ten such competitions. These competitions allow developers to create original games with certain themes, which then compete for the audience’s choice award. The winner is awarded cash and other relevant gifts. In addition to competitions, the site conducts spotlights on new and interesting games.

The site was founded by Jay Bibby on April 19, 2003. It originally followed a blog-like style, and allowed users to comment on the games being reviewed. It soon changed to a more professional format, and now features multiple contributors. The site is primarily focused on flash-based games, but also covers video games and indie games.

In addition to highlighting games, jay is games also specializes in providing news and information about the game industry. It has a dedicated section for indie games and free-to-play games, and it also frequently covers Kickstarter projects. In addition, the site often features articles on the history of games and the gaming industry.

Besides its regular features, jay is games also holds contests to determine the best online and mobile game. The site has a number of categories for games, including the best browser game, mobile phone game and indie game. The winner of each category is chosen by a poll, with the most popular games winning the most votes.

Another notable function of the site is its content ratings, which use small coloured faces to indicate what type of offensive material the games contain. Currently, there are four ratings: a green face (for games that do not contain offensive content), a yellow face (for games with minor offensive content), a red face (for games with graphic violence and constant language) and an XP rating, which indicates that the game has adult situations.

The website’s community also plays a role in the creation of the games it reviews. The site hosts several contests each year, such as its yearly “Best of [year]” contest. In addition, the site offers a forum for game developers to discuss their work and issues in the gaming industry.

Game Contests

Jay is Games we do Online and Mobile Game Reviews website that covers flash games, download-only games and mobile games. The site was founded on April 19th 2003 by Jay Bibby and has several staff writers. It was a blog at the start, but has since grown into a more professional review site.

It reviews all kinds of different game genres, but specializes in free online games and indie games. It also does a lot of game walkthroughs and tips. The site used to have a large community of commenters, who read over the weblog and commented on each post. Occasionally, the comments would contain game hints and tricks for certain games.

From time to time, the site would hold a game contest. These contests usually involved submitting a game for consideration to be the best in a certain category. Then, the Jay is Games staff would select the game they thought was the best in that category. Eventually, the highest voted game would win that category’s audience award.

Most game contests featured prizes, and these were normally games or other merchandise, such as t-shirts. The most notable of these was the Incredibots 2 Mini-Brawl, which had a six month “Incredibots Supporter” membership as the prize.

Every year around January, the site holds a game contest called the Best of [year]. This is very similar to the previous Best of contests, except for some changes to categories and rules. The first change is that viewers are no longer able to vote for games they think should be the best in each category, but only what they think should be the top game overall. The other changes are that the game categories have been renamed and some of them have been removed – Multiplayer has been replaced by Browser Games, Action or Arcade has been taken out of the browser section, and Puzzle and Simulation have been split into their own sections.

This year, Nitrome had a good showing, with Skywire 2 winning the browser game category, and Final Ninja and Onekey both getting audience awards in their respective category. Unfortunately, Nitrome did not receive a single award in the Mobile Games category this time around. To know more about Jay is Games we do Online and Mobile Game Reviews just follow us.

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