Quiniela de Mendoza

La Quiniela de Mendoza


La quiniela de mendoza es una forma de jugar en la que se puede multiplicar los premios. Lo primero que se tiene que hacer es apostar a un numero de 1 a 4 cifras que puede ir de 0000 a 9999 y jugar Redoblona, Primera, Matutina, Vespertina y Nocturna.

Cada sorteo se realiza ante el pblico y desde el salon de sorteos del Instituto Provincial de Juegos y Casinos ubicado en calle San Martn y Brasil. Los sorteos se llevan a cabo de lunes a sábado.

Lotteries in Argentina

In Argentina, lotteries have become an integral part of the national culture. Millions of Argentines participate in these games every year, and the winnings are often used for social programs and initiatives. These lottery activities have made a huge impact on the economy and have helped the country overcome a number of challenges. Whether you’re a resident of Argentina or just visiting, there are many exciting options for playing the lottery.

While the country’s national lottery was discontinued in 2018, provincial and local lotteries continue to operate, bringing in more than $1 billion a year in revenue. Those revenues are distributed to various projects and services, including health and education. In addition, the money is used to promote the lottery and its brands.

Lotteries in Argentina are regulated by the City of Buenos Aires, which operates its own licensing program called LOTBA. Applicants must meet certain requirements, including an investment of at least $30,000 and a fixed annual fee. In addition, the city charges a 6% tax on credits and debits from licensed operators.

Besides the City of Buenos Aires, there are 23 other provinces that regulate gambling in their territory, with some allowing more than others. The provinces are also responsible for regulating the types of betting offered on sports events and other gambling activities. While betting on sports is legal in Argentina, it is illegal to advertise it on team kits and stadiums. In addition, it is illegal to place bets on horse racing at any other location than a racetrack or designated agency. However, the country is working on an online betting system that should be available after this summer’s World Cup.


El 30 de diciembre de 1958 se estableció la entidad bancaria en Mendoza y el Instituto Provincial de Juegos y Casinos nace un ano después. A partir de entonces, los sorteos emprendedores en la Provincia, son aquellos que están fiscalizado, controlados y comercializados por este departamento del Banco. El resto de los juegos, en el sentido más general, son aquellos que fueron emitidos por organismos publicos o privados de otras provincias de Argentina y en vez de establecidos en la Provincia.


La Quiniela de Mendoza es un sorteo que se realiza en la provincia de Mendoza. Esta juego tiene cinco momentos: previa, primera, matutina, vespertina y quiniela nocturna. Los resultados son los 20 nmeros que salgan de cinco tombolas diferentes. En cada tombola, se extraen numeros entre los cinco premios: una, dos, tres, cuatro, y siete cifras.

Todos los ganadores reciben un importe de una, dos, tres, o cuatro cifras, adicionalmente al importe agregado del monto total. El importe de la primera cifra es 3500 veces más alto a lo que se paga por elegir una cifra, y el importe de las otras cifras es un monto menor.

Loteria Argentina has recently increased its taxes on lottery prizes to combat the growing deficit in the national budget. The government is aiming to achieve fiscal balance in 2019 through drastic cuts and high taxes on prize winners. The new tax increases are expected to generate revenue of more than 300 million Argentine pesos per month.

Despite these new taxes, the government will continue to subsidise the prize money for its national lotteries and regional ones. However, this may not be enough to offset the loss in the short term. As a result, the prices for loteria tickets will rise and players are likely to lose interest in this form of gambling. In order to keep the prize money at a reasonable level, the Argentine government will need to reduce the number of draw days for its national and provincial lotteries. In addition, it must also introduce more efficient systems to monitor lottery results and prevent fraud. It will also have to make its online casino licensing process fairer.


Hasta 1970, la Provincia de Mendoza utilizaba los sorteos producidos por la Loteria Nacional y el Banco de Prevision Social del Estado para determinar los numeros premiados. El 10 Julio de ese mismo ao, la Provincia inauguró su Salon de Sorteos propio en el edificio que ahora ocupa el centro de la capital provincial. En ese momento, el departamento de “Recursos Especiales” era responsable de administrar, proyectar y controlar dichos juegos.

The prizes offered by quiniela de mendoza include cash and products such as motorcycles, automobiles, televisions, and appliances. Each drawing is carried out before a notary public in the Drawing Room of the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos, located on Avenida San Martin and Brasil in Godoy Cruz. The draws are published in the morning and evening editions of La Previa, the daily newspaper.

FAQs on Quiniela de Mendoza

Curious about Quiniela de Mendoza? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this intriguing lottery game.

1. What is Quiniela de Mendoza?

Quiniela de Mendoza is a popular lottery game in the Argentine province of Mendoza. Players predict the outcome of numbers or symbols drawn, offering the chance to win prizes based on their selections.

2. How does Quiniela de Mendoza work?

Participants select a combination of numbers or symbols they believe will be drawn in the game. If their predictions match the actual results, they can win prizes based on the accuracy of their choices.

3. Is Quiniela de Mendoza a traditional lottery?

Yes, Quiniela de Mendoza is a traditional lottery game that has been a part of Mendoza’s culture and entertainment for a considerable period.

4. Are there different variations of Quiniela de Mendoza?

Yes, there are multiple versions of Quiniela de Mendoza, each with its own draws, rules, and prize structures, providing players with diverse options to choose from.

5. Can I play Quiniela de Mendoza online?

Yes, many platforms offer the convenience of playing Quiniela de Mendoza online, allowing players to make their selections and check results from the comfort of their homes.

6. How do I know if I’ve won in Quiniela de Mendoza?

After the draw, compare your chosen numbers or symbols with the official results. If they match, you’re a winner! Many online platforms also send notifications to winners.

7. What types of prizes can I win in Quiniela de Mendoza?

Prizes in Quiniela de Mendoza vary based on factors such as the accuracy of your predictions and the specific game rules. Prizes can range from modest amounts to significant rewards.

8. Is Quiniela de Mendoza exclusive to residents of Mendoza?

No, Quiniela de Mendoza is open to participation by anyone, including residents from other provinces and even international players through online platforms.

9. How can I play Quiniela de Mendoza responsibly?

As with any form of gambling, it’s important to play Quiniela de Mendoza responsibly. Set a budget for your gaming activity and avoid exceeding your limits.

10. Can I play Quiniela de Mendoza from outside Argentina?

Yes, you can participate in Quiniela de Mendoza from outside Argentina through online platforms that cater to international players.

11. What role does Quiniela de Mendoza play in the local culture?

Quiniela de Mendoza holds cultural significance as a traditional game that has become intertwined with the daily life and entertainment of the people of Mendoza.

12. How are the winning numbers or symbols determined in Quiniela de Mendoza?

The winning numbers or symbols in Quiniela de Mendoza draws are typically determined using a certified and random method to ensure fairness.

13. Can I play Quiniela de Mendoza through a mobile app?

Yes, many online platforms offer mobile apps that enable you to participate in Quiniela de Mendoza conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

14. What is the history of Quiniela de Mendoza?

Quiniela de Mendoza boasts a rich history, having been a part of Mendoza’s culture and entertainment scene for generations, offering enjoyment and the chance to win.

15. Where can I find more information about Quiniela de Mendoza?

For more information about Quiniela de Mendoza, you can visit official lottery websites, online gaming platforms, and local sources in Mendoza.

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